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Saadat company founded on  1998 by getting support from a research institute , Jouyandegan Rah Saadat .Saadat is producing  patient  monitors  (display size : 4.3 to 18.5 inches)  by  ECG , SPO2 , NIBP , IBP , Temp , Resp, Gas  Analyzer  and…

 1 Different models of Monitors from : ( Novin S630, S1600, S1800, Zagros Modular, Alborz B5, Alborz B9, Aria, ZAGROSs)

 2 Central system  (Sahand)

3 ECG systems with (Dena 350, 650)

4 Aria (TC) system with the ability to send life signals on wireless communication platforms in emergency


5 coating equipment with the ability to record patients life signals and transfer data to health centers by   smartphones

6 Compressor ventilator system can use for ICU to adult and nonate

company”s productions  is responsive to emergency departments , general surgery, open heart, recovery rooms, ICU and CCU in hospitals and clinics , also for taking care at home.


The products of saadat company have warranty for 2 years and 10 years for services And it has a pleasure for all health center

Researches and standard

Saadat is a knowledge base  compan

alSo is inevitable that  the company needs to an active research and development unit

 Features of R&D :

Working with more than 70 specialist

designing with creativity,innovation,efficiency and use Technical knowledge and modern system

Study the various electronic components in the world and the choice of high performance components and technology leadership in designing products

Designing by according to the requirements of the European Union (Directive 93/42 / EEC) and the requirements of the quality management system (ISO 13485)

. Efforts to detect, advantage and management of elite talent, training and promotion of scientific and technical personnel and assessing members performance.

Cooperating with medical universities and technical and educational centers for the development of techniques

Continuous product optimization and hardware and software updates by according to customers’ equirements



Central Monitoring System: SAHAND

Electrocardiograph: Dena 650

CE: Ventilator RESPINA P1

EN ISO 13485: 2012        (Kiwa Meyer


company in international Expositions including: Arab health from 2001 to 2018, Medica Germany during the years 2003 to 2017, Bith exhibition, Brazilian Medical Equipment Exhibition, Africa, Argentina, Poland, Tajikistan’s Special Exhibition of the Islamic Republic of Tajikistan, the exhibition of the Medical Equipment of Ukraine, the exhibition of medical equipment Belarus, Syrian Medical Equipments Exhibition, Turkey Exhibition, Malaysia Medical Equipment Exhibition, Iraq, etc. The company’s other efforts are global markets.

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