Brain Function Assessment (BFA)



About BFI Technology

  • The BFI is a direct measure of the effects of anesthetic and sedative agents on the brain and patient’s level of consciousness.
  • Using three sensor placed on the patient’s forehead, BFI translates brain electrical activity into a single number between 100 (awake) and zero (isoelectric EEG)

Applications in OR or ICU

  • Depth of consciousness and sedation monitoring
  • Titrate anesthetic drugs according to the individual needs
  • Help clinicians reduce the risk of intra-operative awareness
  • Sedation assessment in ICU and reduce recall of unpleasant experiences
  • Decrease the incidence of post-operative side effects such as nausea and vomiting
  • Reduce length of stay in the PACU (recovery room)


  • Utilizes the innovation algorithm for BFI calculation
  • BFI information integrated into vital sign monitor screens to facilitate clinical decision making
  • Robust relative to noise embedded in EEG signal and measure signal quality index (SQI)
  • Faster initial setup using Nuprep Gel as a skin preparation.
  • Low price and single use accessory
  • Electrode impedance check system
  • EEG waveform display, one channel
  • Display and trending of the BFI, EMG, SQI and BS



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