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More Safety for ICU Patients with the Latest World Technology


 Patient Ventilation by Ventilator

SAADAT Ventilator is connected to compressed air system of the hospital and helps normal breathing of the patient using Pressure-Controlled, Volume - Controlled and Spontaneous ventilation modes. This device includes useful parameters to separate the patient from the ventilator.

 User-friendly Display Screen

The ventilator displays different data including ventilation curves and basic, mechanical and advanced ventilation parameters on a 12" color touch screen. SAADAT ventilator is able to display special parameters which are selected by user. Multiple colors are used to display different parts of inspiration and expiration graphs in spontaneous and mandatory ventilations.  

 Ventilator Characteristics

The characteristics such as Insp/Exp Hold, Apnea, Manual and Sigh Breath improve accuracy and expand functionality of SAADAT Ventilator.

 Intelligent Alarm System

Alarm system of SAADAT Ventilator has standard limits that can be set manually or automatically regarding the patient condition.

 72 hours Data Storage

72 hours storage of the patient history helps medical practitioner assess the patient condition more accurately and prevents making critical mistakes. 

 IBW Calculator 

SAADAT Ventilator sets ventilation parameters automatically based on calculated IBW and provides quick and safe ventilation for the patient.



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