R&D Department

Saadat as a research based company has a R&D department which its projects management strategies are aligned with Saadat organizational business objectives.

R&D department consists of different project teams. In project teams, different product designers, engineers and specialists are involved in software and hardware development of products.

Each product has a design journey from initial concept to creation according to international standard and regulation in R&D department which is equipped with the latest technological and testing tools.

Saadat R&D department is committed to innovative and creative thinking to meet today healthcare challenges, patient and customer needs by the aid of its available technologies and intellectual properties.

Saadat R&D also gives high priority to continuous improvement to improve its process and products design.

Saadat R&D publications

Year Published Papers
2016 Order Patterns Recurrence Analysis Of Electroencephalogram During Sevoflurane Anesthesia
2016 Characterizing Awake and Anesthetized States Using a Dimensionality Reduction Method
2016 A Novel Approach to Early Diagnosis of myocardial infarction using Tele-Electrocardiography in Emergency medical services
2016 ECG Fiducial Points Extraction Using QRS Morphology and Adaptive Windowing for Real-time ECG Signal Analysis
2015 Monitoring depth of anesthesia using combination of EEG measure and hemodynamic variables
2015 Dynamic Gaussian Filter for Muscle Noise Reduction in ECG Signal
2014 Frontal-Temporal Synchronization of EEG Signals Quantified by Order Patterns Cross Recurrence Analysis During Propofol Anesthesia
2014 Depth of Anesthesia Indicator Using combination of Complexity and frequency Measures
2013 Validation of the saadat NIBP module according to the ANSI/AAMI-SP10 protocol
2013 Brain Function Index as a Depth of Anesthesia Indicator Using Complexity Measures
2013 Monitoring the depth of anesthesia using entropy features and an artificial Neural network
2012 Using the Hilbert–Huang transform to measure the electroencephalographic effect of propofol
2012 Measuring the effects of sevoflurane on electroencephalogram using sample entropy
2010 Extracting a seizure intensity index from one-channel EEC signal using  bispectral and detrended fluctuation analysis
2008 A Real-Time Algoriyhm for extraction of heart beat in invasive blood Pressure

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