Saadat company founded on  1998 by getting support from a research institute , Jouyandegan Rah Saadat .Saadat is producing  patient  monitors  (display size : 4.3 to 18.5 inches)  by  ECG , SPO2 , NIBP , IBP , Temp , Resp, Gas  Analyzer  and…

 1 Different models of Monitors from : ( Novin S630, S1600, S1800, Zagros Modular, Alborz B5, Alborz B9, Aria, ZAGROSs)

 2 Central system  (Sahand)

3 ECG systems with (Dena 350, 650)

4 Aria (TC) system with the ability to send life signals on wireless communication platforms in emergency


5 coating equipment with the ability to record patients life signals and transfer data to health centers by   smartphones

6 Compressor ventilator system can use for ICU to adult and nonate

company”s productions  is responsive to emergency departments , general surgery, open heart, recovery rooms, ICU and CCU in hospitals and clinics , also for taking care at home.

The products of saadat company have warranty for 2 years and 10 years for services And it has a pleasure for all health center