12’’ screen color LED with 800*600resolution and 170-degree view angle

ECG/HR/SPO2 (Masimo) /NIBP/RESO/2TEMPs/2IBPs/ Gas & BFA  modules

Capability to display 6 to 8 signal traces (only ECG:12-Leads) and 10 parameters in one page (six parameteres have been added for Rainbow parameters)

96-hours trend storage and 500 NIBP records

ARR and ST Segment Analyzer sowftware and displaying numbers of PVC in a minute

Configuring parameters in different pages(Multi – page)

Drug calculation (to calculate the dose and the time of medication)

Parameters signals color selection (expect for ECG)

Rechargeable internal battery  and capability to run on AC power

Adults, Neonate, and Pediatric modes

Visual and auditory alarms

Three types of filters to eliminate cauter and environment noise

180 seconds review of ECG signal(Sigma)

Pace pulse detection and elimination

Connectibility to the central system network

VGA Output

Specific page for open-heart surgery (pump page)

Advance design of internal circuits without fan

PI(perfusion index) measurement through SPO2 probe

Quick startup

Anti-shock and Anti scratch screen

Displaying of 7 ECG Leads simultaneously

10 shortcut keys

Upgrade SPO2 Masimo to Masimo SPO2 Rainbow  in order to measure blood parameters: SpCO, PI, PVI, SpHb, SpMet, SpOc

Touch screen

Brain Function Assessment module (BFA)

Upgrading 2IBPs To 4IBPs

Recording of 3 waveforms simultaneously using thermal printer

ECG 12 Leads

AWRR, Multi Gas Analyzer, Etco2 measurment

ICP measurement

Cardiac output measurement

Controlling system by rotary knob &Keyboard and touch screen simultaneously