Optional one or two color screens with 1280*1024 or 1920*1080(FULL HD) resolution

Touch screen and capability to use mouse

Displaying the magnified patient information on a separate monitor(Bed View)

Quick startup

Simultaneous connection to 32 beds

Equipped with thermal recorder

Display the patient’s Dicom files on a separate monitor(DICOM Web Viewer)

Parameter data storage (TREND) for 96 hours

Storage and displaying 720 alarms including ECG display at the time of alarm for each patient (Alarm Recall)

Capability to store graphic data waveforms(Disclosure) for 48-hours and store on data server permanently

Optional displaying of ECG,SPO2,IBP1,IBP2,CO2,RESP signals

Optional displaying of parameters

Visual and auditory alarms

Usage of more pages

Laser printer instead of thermal recorder