Simple design with a 5 inch resistive touch screen display
A portable device with small physical dimensions, low weight and IP44 rating
Drop specifications according to IEC60601-1-11
Cost-effective accessories (pads and battery)
Powered by a non-chargeable lithium manganese dioxide battery (LiMnO2) pack (Lifetime up to 5 years or up to 200 discharges at 200 J or 6 hours of continuous ECG Monitoring)
Automated self-test to ensure correct operation
Display the result of last automated self-test by status indicator
Rectilinear Biphasic Waveform Technology, adaptable with patient’s body impedance
Step by step auditory and visual instructions, according to AHA/ERC CPR guidelines
Accurate ECG(VT/VF) signal analysis and identify sudden cardiac arrest (SCA)
Automatic switch between AED and CPR modes based on analysis
Simple design for access to electrode pads
Continuous check of pads connection to ensure correct operation
Life-saving technology in Hospitals, Clinics and other public places (Airport, residential complexes, gyms and etc)
High operating speed from turn on to charge the device at the maximum energy (less than 25 seconds)
Powered by a non-chargeable lithium manganese dioxide battery (LiMnO2) pack (Lifetime up to 5 years or up to 200 charges and discharges at the maximum energy or 5 hours of continuous ECG Monitoring)

Powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery (Li-Ion). Battery charger stand is designed for charging battery
Charging time less than 10 seconds for maximum energy level (with new battery)
Conductive surface area of electrodes is at least 80 cm²
Built-in discharge feature for safety
Supprt two languages for audible prompts (Persian and English)
Wi-Fi connectivity for sending information and data to a central server over the internet for remote monitoring
USB connection to program the device and receive stored data (self-test, ECG, and operation information)
Compliance with International Standard IEC 60601-2-4Saving the lives of cardiac arrest victims can be easier than you think
The SHOOKA AED is an automated external defibrillator which is used to rescue patients with sudden cardiac arrest who have symptoms of unconsciousness, absence of breathing and absence of pulse. SHOOKA automatically analyzes the patient’s ECG signal, identifies sudden cardiac arrests (SCA) and if necessary delivers electrical shock to the patient.
A fully/semi-automated external defibrillator, designed to be used by trained rescuers in medical centers and public places