3.5” color display with capacitive touch input , Viewing angle: 170 degrees from all sides
Modules: ECG (up to 8 leads), Respiration, Masimo Spo2, Temprature
Unlimited storage of vital parameters (Trend) and alarm logs
Sending data to Shand Central system using Wifi module 802.11 b/g/n while patient is moving or stay whitin the hospital
Simultaneous transmission of data to Smart phone application via Wifi
Visual and Audible Alarms
Pace Detection and Rejection
Defibrillator proof
Three patient modes: Adult, Pediatric and Neonate
Three types of filter to reject Electrocautery and environmental noises
Pages with different configurations and magnification of parameters (Multi Page)
Screen orientation (Portrait, Landscape) choices
Powered by 2 AA sized batteries( 20 hours of continues ECG monitoring with fully charged batteries )
Isolated USB type-C charger (Full charge in less than 6 hours, and operational while charging)
Low dimensions(63x28x133 mm) and low weight (250 gram, batteris included ) design
Compliance with IEC 60601-2-25 International Standard

Easily connected to wearable monitor through wifi connection, recieveing and disclosure of the recorded signal in realtime
Capable of driving 12 leads of ECG from transimitted 8 leads
Pages with different signal configurations (Multi Page) and a special page for 12 lead ECG
Sophisticated interpration of ECG arrhythmias and heart health assessment using the Glasgow software
Capable of transmiting the 12 lead ECG, parameteres and interpretational reports to specialist’s email through the Internet communications

Sending the diagnostic reports and prescriptions to medical staff or patient via email / application
Archiving the signals and reorpts
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Accurate, Reliable, Handy & Portable, Low weight & small
Diagnosis of asymptomatic heart defects in early stages
Easy solution for heart screening at home
Intelligent heart monitoring for your patient’s care path