Simple User Interface
Clear visual indication of system settings
Adjustable in Servo and Non-Servo modes
Automatic locking of keys to prevent unwanted change of settings
Provide moisture required by patients (minimum 10 mg/L in all settings and more than 33 mg/L in some settings)
Can display 2 temperature levels at the same time
Separate temperature control for humidification chamber output and airway output
Visual and audible alarms notify user of set-up errors, accidental disconnection during use or delivered temperatures outside the set parameter
Silences audible alarm for a short period
Compliance with International Standard ISO 8185:2009
Respiratory Humidifier is intended to be used to warm and humidify gases delivered to patients who require mechanical ventilation or other respiratory support via a tracheal tube or face mask. Gas is passed over the surface of heated water to add humidity and achieve a target gas temperature. Gas temperature can be maintained by a heater wire element contained within the tubing of the breathing circuit connected to the patient. Gas temperature is controlled accurately and measured via temperature probes