Pooyandegan Rah Saadat Company was established in 1999 with the support of Jooyandegan Rah Saadat institute

Here are our products

-Patient monitors with following parameters: BFA Function Assessment, Gas analyzer, IBP, Resp, Temp, NIBP, Spo2, ECG with display 4.3 up to 18.5 inches in deferent models Alborz series (B9, B5 and modular), Zagros s, Zagros modular, Novin series (630, S1600 and S1800), Aria and alvand series (V18, H18 and 12)

 Sahand central monitoring system

– Dena Electrocardiograph systems in following models 1210,650,350 and 150 with Linux os

Aria TC system with capability of sending vital signs wireless to emergency center

-JAM S3 and JAM H1 Wearing equipment with capability to record vital sign and sending data by mobile

RESPINA ICU ventilator and RESPIAIR compressor for adult and pediatric

In addition, the products of this company can meet needs of emergency room, general operating room, open heart operating room, recovery room, ICU in hospitals and medical clinics as well as home care

In 1999, Pooyandegan Rah Saadat Company succeeded in obtaining the approval of the functional standard of its products from the General Directorate of Medical Equipment, and in 1999, it implemented a quality management system in accordance with the international standards ISO 9001 and EN 46001.  It has ISO13485 and ISO 9001 from QS Institute in the field of designing and manufacturing vital signs monitoring equipment

It also succeeded in obtaining the CE MARK class IIb European standard and it has export to 54 countries all over the world and has a production line in Turkey, Sweden, Belarus and Iraq

Awards from Khwarazmi international Festival and Sheikh bahai national festival