Sahand & Sahand Pro: Central Monitoring System
The central monitoring system is intended to conduct centralized monitoring of vital signs information from multiple bedside monitors. This system is able to save, process and display the bedsides information
The central system has two Sahand and Sahand Pro models with the same software, but constituent parts of these systems are configured differently. The Sahand model consists of a display screen and a PC individually. The Sahand Pro model is made as an All in One device and all components are integrated in a single device
Monitors up to 32 Bedsides information
Reviews up to 96 hours of Trend data in 16- bed mode (or 48 hours in 32- bed ) for each patient
Reviews up to 48 hours of Disclosure data (All waveforms) in 16-bed mode (or 24 hours in 32- bed mode) for each patient
Reviews up to 720 alarm events for each patient and displays related waveforms and numeric parameters
Reviews up to 1000 NIBP measurement records for each patient
Reviews and analyzes ST
Supports two display screens with high resolution
Monitors a bed in enlarged mode (Bed View) on the second display
Provides the patient information management
Provides audible and visual alarms
Provides selection of waveforms/parameters color
Supports several languages
Provides the bedsides settings
Provides Nurse Call
Exports data (Disclosure, Trends, Alarm List, NIBP List) and saves it on an external memory (USB Flash)
Equipped with Thermal Recorder
Supports recording / printing of 2 traces simultaneously (New Version)
Provides monitoring, printing and recording 12-lead ECG signal (New Version)
Reviews up to 100 print screens of the menus in each bed (New Version)
Displays Bed View on the main screen (New Version)
Stores, reviews and prints up to 100 print screens of menus for each bed (New Version)
Storing Patients’ data as PDF files
Reviewing, Storing and printing up to 100 PDFs for each patient
Supports laser Printer (Optional)
Communicates with the PACS server to send and display DICOM files (Optional)
Communicates with the HIS server to send data (Optional)
Supports keyboard and barcode reader (Optional)