ECG Module

6 lead wires

Pace Detection and Rejection

Defibrillator proof

Filter to reject environmental noises

AccuracyGives an accurate and reliable ECG trace.


Real-time transmission of data to Smart phone application via USB-type C cable (using no Wi-Fi or bluetooth)

No Battery needed

Powered by connecting to the USB-type C mobile port

Low Dimensions and Light Weight

Weighing only 120 gms

portable ECG device that you can travel with anywhere you like

Small dimensions (102x64x26 mm)

International standard

Compliance with IEC 60601-2-25 International Standard

No Hidden App Charge

No need to pay any fee for either downloading or updating our ECG app for smartphones. The application is 100% free to use

Signal display

real-time receiving and displaying 12 lead ECG

Archiving the signals and reports

Storing the patient history in a cloud based secure server to access the patient data

12 Lead Construction

Driving 12 leads ECG using 6 wires

Fewer ECG electrodes and lead wires cause more patient comfort, and less clinician’s workload

Interpretation of ECGs

Running the Glasgow software to provide automated interpretation of ECG for heart health assessment
* Acute MI/Ischemia
* Extreme Tachy and Bradycardia
* Significant Arrhythmia
* Prolonged QTc Interval

Sophisticated interpration of ECG arrhythmias and heart health assessment using the Glasgow software

Generate and share the Diagnostic Reports in A minute

Capable of transmiting the 12 lead ECG, parameteres and interpretational reports to specialist’s email through the Internet communications

Sending the diagnostic reports and prescriptions to medical staff or patient via email / application as PDF file

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Assisting the heart specialists as a strong diagnostic tool and facilitating detection of even asymptomatic heart diseases

Heart emergencies & Ambulance
Providing the emergency technician with a fast and reliable technology to transmit the data of patients with heart problem symptoms for specialists in hospital, in order to meet the Golden Hours principal and starting the treatments in initial hours of the heart attack

Home care
* Shortening the hospitalization period by monitoring the patients underwent heart surgeries
* Monitoring of patients with high risks of Myocardial Infarction and Arrhythmia, 24/7 and online