Our purpose

Providing medical products for safe and effective care of patients in any condition and place in the world

Overview of the company

Pooyandegan Rah Saadat company, designer and manufacturer of vital sign monitors, Central monitor, Electrocardiograph, Ventilator, Electroshock, Digital blood pressure, Digital thermometer, medical compressor and Respiratory humidifier, was established in 1377 and now it is moving towards international success together with the world’s top manufacturers

Our products can respond to emergency departments, general operating room and open heart, CCU, ICU and recovery in hospitals, medical centers and also for home care.

We produce our products with high reliability and based on the national and international standards announced by the Ministry of Health and medical of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the European Union standard regulations, according to the requirements of the ISO 13485 standard and agreed needs with the customers, and we market them with the CE mark. The high quality of products and services, innovation and diversity are the most important components for the sustainability of our company. Adopting and spreading a quality-oriented thinking will lead to productivity, flexibility and cost reduction. Continuous thinking and efforts to improve quality, increase production and reduce costs are in the soul of all family members of the company Pooyandegan Rah Saadat. All managements have considered the reduction of defects during internal processing, the reduction of waste and the increase of customer satisfaction as a vital matter and have used all their efforts in this way

The company also considers the path of happiness, preservation and promotion of the health and safety of employees, who are the main assets of this group and play a significant role in the quality of products and progress of the organization, as one of its main priorities and in order to implement the health and safety management system of personnel in accordance with national and international laws, including the iso45001 standard and implement optimization plans to eliminate/reduce the risk of processes and prevent occupational injuries and diseases and work-related accidents will do their best